Connections Wizards works with multiple vendors and carriers providing converged communications infrastructure and services addressing outdoor and in-building wireless, fiber, cable (Cat 5/6/7, Ethernet, Video Transmission) and other advanced connectivity needs of our customers.

Whether you job is huge or small, new construction or retrofitting existing buildings, we’ll handle it with expertise and unmatched quality. We will work with you to bring fiber right into the building MPOE along with inside wiring/cabling directly to the demarc in your suite. We can also pull cable throughout your building to each workstation throughout your office.

Fiber/Cable Construction

Bring broadband communications to your location – even when it’s remote or mobile – with satellite internet.

Providing secure, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity at speeds up to 200 Mpbs. Satellite service can be installed in as little as 3 to 5 days.

Diverse Backup Connection

How does your business cope with broadband outages? Prevent the loss of sales or productivity that follows a wired (Fiber or Cable) internet outage with satellite services as a backup for your business.


Looking to expand or move an existing office or cubicle? Are you rearranging your floor plan or restructuring your personnel with your current space?

Connections Wizards can assist with all of your communications and network cable installs (Copper, Coax Cable, Category 5/5E or Category 6/6a), adds, moves and changes.

Areas of expertise:

  • PBX and Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone
  • Videoconference and Audiovisual Systems
  • Building Card Access Control Systems

WIFI Services

Today’s commercial IT network relies on a combination of wired and WiFi connectivity. Our vendors include experts in physical cabling and wireless solutions, allowing your network to run optimally and fast.

WiFi is not a luxury for an organization; it’s a must-have. To keep your users happy and productive, wireless networks must be fast, secure and stable.

Connections Wizards can assist you in finding the right WiFI Solution including the placement of access points to optimize user experience for your business.

Connections Wizards has decades of experience delivering secure, scalable, customized technology solutions for customers.

For a No Cost, No Obligation Consultation

For a No Cost No Obligation Consultation